Here at RD Technik, we have spent years developing, researching, testing, and figuring out every trick in the book. Well almost. There’s very little we can’t do.

We have handpicked the best Dealers in each State to prove you with our products and services. These Authorised RD Centres are entrusted to provide us with their expertise, data logging and experience to enable us to completely customise recalibrations and tuning to your pride and joy as though we were there next to your vehicle.

We have expertise in tuning in this way in European high-performance vehicles, and common-rail diesel vehicles from the year 2000 onwards and are one of the original and oldest, largest tuners in Australia.

If you are wanting to join our team or have your vehicle tuned by us we’re here to help. There’s little we can’t do. We are industry-leading experts in Economy tuning and Power tuning. We expertly combine these two to provide the best combination of you having your cake and eating it too. The very best economy solutions, but the very best power when you want it. We have this expertise, not just because of our experience in high-performance Euro tuning, but because we have been the coding developer behind the largest commercial diesel tuning network in the country for many years. We export our tuning expertise around the world and provide tuning to master tuners where required.

We back all this up with our lifetime Insurance Backed Guarantee. We have full indemnity liability insurance and our promise to you is we’ll never send you an “unsafe” tune or recalibration. Sure we have exclusions to this such as extreme tuning, anti-lag, extreme crackle and flames maps etc. And we can’t always guarantee your vehicle doesn’t have an inherent defect already. But we’ll try to ensure all the checks are completed to ensure your pride and joy has a clean bill of health before tuning and you’ll enjoy trouble-free motoring for years to come.

We specialise in all Diesel TDI 4×4, and diesel and petrol high-performance mainly covering VW/Audi/Skoda, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and others. Performance SUV’s and hot hatches are one our many talents and we do our fair share of big turbo vehicles boasting the most powerful vehicles in the country of the following models:
Stage 4 GTX28 mk 6 Golf Gti,
Stage 5 G25-660 mk 6 Golf R,
Stage 5 G30-770 Mk 6 Golf R,
Stage 3 G25-550 stock motor Golf R,
Stage 3 G25-660 stock motor Golf R,
Stage 3 GTX28 stock motor Scirocco R

If you want to put us to the test and entrust us to transform your pride and joy please complete the form below and we’ll make it happen.

You want fast, reliable, dependable, solid performance tuning. That’s what we do and have been doing for many many years around the world.

We look forward to working with you. Please complete the form below and we will ensure your local dealer contacts you to make the necessary arrangements